Our sportswear is for the bold and the stylish. That's why we use high-quality and extremely durable nylon to create our core sportswear styles. Our over-sized jacket, boxer shorts and jogger pants are your dream activewear, come to life. We use iridescent finishes and tie dye effects to create 100% unique, show-stopping looks. Here's how your new nylon Recommence style was made, with you in mind.

Design and Fabrication

Every garment starts with the design process. Once we find our inspiration for a style, our designer draws the silhouette and sends it to one of our Fair Labor Certified factories. Each of our factories specializes in a type of fabric, so this design is headed to our nylon specialists in China. We have all of our fabrics custom made for our collections, and our factory is one of the best in fabricating sportswear. Having fabrics custom made adds time to the design process, but ensures the fabric has the perfect feel.

About Nylon

We believe full transparency about our sustainability efforts and practices is the only way to make a real difference in the fashion industry. There is a new sustainable nylon alternative made from recycled plastic bottles that we want to use, however the minimum order amounts for the fabric are too high for us right now. That's where we need your help: as we grow, we'll be able to use more sustainable and regenerative techniques. 

What's so bad about nylon anyway? Essentially, nylon is a type of plastic derived from coal and petroleum. The plastic is then put through an intensive chemical process, resulting in the strong, stretchy fibers that make it so useful as a fabric. No form of nylon is biodegradable; so once you no longer have a need for your torn stockings or old toothbrush, it sits in a landfill for at least 30 years. In addition to supporting some of the world’s dirtiest industries, the manufacture of nylon has several other direct environmental impacts. Nylon creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Producing nylon is also an extremely water and energy intensive process. 

Now to You

Did you know that deadstock (leftover inventory from past seasons) is a huge problem afflicting much of the fashion industry right now due to the rise in fast fashion? We don't want any Recommence garments to go to waste so we produce very limited quantities of all of our styles. Once our finished garment leaves our factory, we carefully pack it to get it ready to head to you. This includes our hang tag, which is made from recycled cement leftovers, and our biodegradable bag. Each Recommence garment gets extra love and attention during our entire process, so make sure you cherish it always and keep up the care, because clothes are meant to last longer than one season.