1. Quality over Quantity

Shop less but invest more into the items you get. A few high quality staples will out live all of your fast fashion trend pieces

2. Vintage Glam

There's a stigma around thrifting as only something you do as a necessity, however we're here to say that thrifting is a stylish girl's best friend.  Not only is a thrifted find much less expensive (and unique) than the store version but it's also the most eco-friendly way to shop

3. Know Your Brands

There are many brands, including in the fashion industry, who are taking active steps towards using recycled/recyclable materials and shifting their company towards a more sustainable supply chain. Research the brands that are actively making a difference, and shop from there

4. Re-Purpose

That old t shirt you're never going to wear again would make a perfect rag. Just saying

5. Find a Fabric Recycler

Yes, they exist. Check smartasn.org to find one near you

6. Donate 

Find a local organization, second hand store or even animal shelter that's interested in clothing / textile donations. Keep in mind though that a large portion of second hand store donated clothes still end up in a landfill if they aren't resold

7. Compost 

This should be your very last resort of what to do with your old textiles and is only an option for items made from 100% natural fibers; make sure you take off any buttons or zippers first